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A Royal Grand Design

Dumfries House is one of my favourite places in my constituency of Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley. Some could say I am spoiled for beautiful and peaceful locations whether it be by the sea, a loch, or somewhere amongst the many rolling hills – and they would, of course, be absolutely right.

I think the work that has been done by King Charles at Dumfries House is testimony to his great love of architecture and his vision and desire to create a sustainable business which would regenerate the local economy – and a fitting place to make home for The Prince’s Foundation.

I can attest to the great work that has been done at Dumfries House; where it was saved from ruin by the then Prince and grown through the most wonderful of transformations to the grounds; which are enjoyed by school children, local charities, and visitors - both locals and those from further afield.

It truly is an amazing place where so much happens in terms of traditional apprenticeships, ecology and wellbeing – an exemplar of heritage led regeneration in motion.

Dumfries House is also the site of Queen Elizabeth’s last visit to Ayrshire, where she was welcomed by thousands of visitors as she opened the beautiful walled garden named after her; and I would urge you if you have not visited Dumfries House yet to do so – and especially in the summertime, when more than 3,000 roses and row upon row of delphiniums bloom spectacularly.

You can read more about ITV's A Royal Grand Design here.


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